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Olive is feeling the weight of the world on her heart. When a tragic loss and unrelenting memories from ghosts of the past leave her at the edge of sanity with thoughts of suicide, she decides to hire a hitman …for her own death.

Cash in hand, Olive meets her hitman Russ only to realize two things. One, her ghosts of the past won’t be laid to rest so quickly. And two, she’s somehow hired the one hitman with a conscience.

Olive is about to discover her story is far from over.

Coffee addictions, old flames, a haunted church cemetery, and magic arrows that determine their fate. Is it a classic fairy-tale love story? Definitely not. But does Death really drive a minivan? Oh, you bet he does.

A time traveling romantic comedy with a splash of sci-fi and urban fantasy. Conflicted sarcastic characters, with a touch of sass, struggling with love, romance, and the straight up weirdly endearing antics that exist with blossoming relationships.