Sticks and Stones

Remember this children’s rhyme? I was curious about it because one, it’s kinda a lie. But two, I’d take a stick or stone to the arm or leg any day compared to some of the things words can do. Maybe even blunt force to the head instead of having words circle around up there. I don’t know, the recovery time is probably way faster.
But anyway, I guess my take on this is, if you’re different in any way, stand out, and don’t blend into societies norm, people are gonna talk. It can be a physical difference or a personality trait. Sometimes people make a point of telling you about your differences right to your face. Like you don’t already know. What gems of society these people are, right?
For me, I’ve heard, “Why are you so quiet?” all my life. It wasn’t until a few years ago that I discovered my voice and embraced my quiet ways as a strength and not a weakness. But as a kid, you bet I got teased. I was lanky and underweight with bright red hair and freckles. I remember one girl telling me I’d be pretty if I didn’t have, “all those freckles.”
Where’s a rock to the face when I needed it?
My physical characteristics changed as they often do with time, and my shyness turned into some of my favorite writing memories in poetry and song. Now it’s progressed to stories.
But for anyone who needs to hear this, you can do great things regardless of what others criticize. The key is to keep going. If it’s writing or art, like it is for me, keep going. Think about your favorite song or book. Think about your favorite author or artist. What if they stopped right before creating that masterpiece you love just because someone told them they sucked? You’re not alone in feeling rejected or different. Which is a strange thing to say. We fit in by our common bond of both of these things.
You’re a beautiful little weirdo and your quirky ways make you fucking amazing.