Inspiring Road Blocks to the Gods

One of my favorite author discoveries in 2018 was Neil Gaiman. I knew of him but had never read anything by him. Leave it to a huge bout of writers block to open up a new discovery. Sometimes the road blocks aren’t what they seem.
My most recent read was American Gods. I loved it and the series on Starz. I actually ordered Starz just to watch this show and I wasn’t disappointed. Which is saying a lot because most books turned into series… well, suck.
One of my favorite things about Neil Gaimans writing is the effortless way he uses language to describe characters. Like this little word play in American Gods, “Jackal headed judge of the dead.” The part where he described Death was probably my favorite.
Imagine that.
I also love how he creates flow and ease with dialog.
Who knew I’d actually be thanking my writers block…EVER!?

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