Nobody Gives a Fuck

Have you ever heard a song that spoke to you and then learned the artists true meaning of the song… which was nothing like what you imagined?

One of my favorite go to bands for inspiration is Coheed and Cambria. There’s so many songs by them that spark imagery and inspiration for me. This song, You’ve Got Spirit, Kid is one of those gems. Whenever I hear it I think about self motivation and how you have to keep going even when no one believes in you or what you’re doing. You know it matters. You know it in your gut this is what you want. This is what you were meant to do. 

Years ago I remember submitting my first story to this book group for review. Needless to say, it got ripped apart. I was new. Still learning my voice and my writing style. It stunned me into that solitude of “why am I bothering?” But experiences like this have taught me to look inward and stick with what I believe in. And there’s nothing like a song that speaks volumes when you’re going through something that stops you in your tracks. 

“Nobody gives a fuck who you are,” and that’s OK. I know who the fuck I am. 

Intended song meaning: 
Claudio Sanchez “My problems are no bigger than the next person’s, and we’re all in this race against time together, but the things that happen make us who we are. This song is about accepting that your problems are no bigger than the next, so accept the bad as part of the good and move forward. That’s pretty much what You Got Spirit, Kid is about.”