Nobody Gives a Fuck

Have you ever heard a song that spoke to you and then learned the artists true meaning of the song… which was nothing like what you imagined? One of my favorite go to bands for inspiration is Coheed and Cambria. There’s so many songs by them that spark imagery and inspiration for me. This song, […]

Everything Belongs

Every once in a while, there are songs that help me push through life and writers block. This one by Thrice has been a big one for me ever since the Palms album came out. To me, it’s perspective, it’s the circle of life and it’s the acceptance of what you can’t change. It’s keeping […]

Away We Go

What inspires you to write? Music always inspires my writing. I see images when I hear it, which can easily help to develop a piece of a story… almost writing itself. For Death Drives a Minivan, one of my go to bands was Coheed and Cambria. Specifically the album The Afterman: Descension. And more specifically […]