Everything Belongs

Every once in a while, there are songs that help me push through life and writers block. This one by Thrice has been a big one for me ever since the Palms album came out. To me, it’s perspective, it’s the circle of life and it’s the acceptance of what you can’t change. It’s keeping […]

Tortured Artist

The tortured artist. Am I right? What I’ve learned is that, while pain does inspire some pretty honest writing, (completely therapeutic and necessary at times), so do other things, like that weird dude at work. The things you overhear while waiting in line, that oversharing cashier. Family you can’t escape during the holidays. Or that […]

Inspiring Road Blocks to the Gods

One of my favorite author discoveries in 2018 was Neil Gaiman. I knew of him but had never read anything by him. Leave it to a huge bout of writers block to open up a new discovery. Sometimes the road blocks aren’t what they seem. My most recent read was American Gods. I loved it […]