Stanger Danger

It’s pretty amazing how we can be inspired by others online and irl without even knowing them personally. It’s a post here, a few words there. A photo, a book. The time that passes as we watch someone transform. We watch ourselves transform through their experience and what they choose to share. How we connect to it. How even as strangers, there’s something that connects and resonates in our own lives, guiding us to evolve. The inspiration doesn’t have to be epic. In fact, most times it’s just a small detail, a tiny glimmer of inspiring connection. As I’ve gotten older I’ve learned it’s all about connections. Not who you know connections, but who and what inspires you connections. How you take life in. How you let it soften you. Transform you. Inspire you to be a better version of yourself. How we’re all here with the capacity to learn and grow if we’re open to the experience.