Life Gold

Things that inspire you to move or take action in this life are gems. Because let’s face it. If you aren’t moving forward, you aren’t growing. You’re comfortable. And that’s where we get stuck. 
For me, change often means being uncomfortable. I’m a classic introvert and I’ve found that in order to progress, I have to push myself out of the introvert zone. Remove myself from what I’ve come to rely on in the day to day. Try something I’ve never done before on my own. Seeing beyond the uncharted waters to what could possibly be the best version of myself. In the end, that’s the goal. If what I’m doing now isn’t creating a better version of who I am, or who I want to be, I don’t want it. This means, often times, losing people who don’t have the same standard. If you’ve only got your toe in my pool of life, either jump in or get out.
Uncertain people tangled up in comfort strings are the killer of progress. And when you find people, writing, art, music or things that inspire you, and help you see another side of life, keep them close. You’ve found something magical, something transforming to your soul. And that, my friend, is life gold.