Dead Plants

Dead plants. We’ve all got them in some form. Maybe yours are on the balcony like mine are or maybe yours are more personal like a person or obligation.  I’ve got those too. Most dead plants in people form take up your time when you should be doing other things like… I don’t know… finishing that work in progress story you keep meaning to get to or maybe it’s as simple as finally reading that book you’ve had half read on your nightstand. Maybe it’s just as simple as doing something for yourself. You know, good ol’ me time. You can easily spot what these dead plants are in your life by the type of energy they consume of you. Are you drained? Not yourself? Unable to focus on what makes you truly happy because of the dead shrubs in the way? Maybe you’re just too lazy to finally turn the knob off on that water because wasting water is just easier than getting your shit together.  I’ve been there and I still struggle with it. But what I do know is that the more you keep watering dead plants, the more you’re wasting this one life of yours.

It’s all your time.

It’s all your energy.

Where do you want to place it? Why not revive your own life by pruning what’s in it and already dead?